Update: Amtrak and Backhoe Collision

April 7, 2016

The Guardian reports a newly upgraded safety system and regulations governing track maintenance should have been enough to prevent a fatal collision between an Amtrak passenger train and a construction vehicle on Sunday.

The railroad industry’s state-of-the-art safety technology – a package of communications and engineering upgrades known as positive train control (PTC) – was in place and operational at the site of the deadly crash of Amtrak train 89, an Amtrak spokesman confirmed. The backhoe operator and a supervisor doing track maintenance were killed in the collision. Thirty-seven were injured.

Allan Zarembski , director of the railroad engineering and safety program at the University of Delaware, said it is unusual for heavy equipment to be on railroad tracks and questioned if the work being done was entered into the PTC system.

So what went wrong? Read more on how the collision may have occurred here:

Source: The Guardian.com