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United Rentals Opens 6 More Specialty Branches

Locations feature trench safety, power & HVAC, and tool solutions

November 09, 2016

United Rentals, Inc. today announced the further expansion of its specialty branch network with the opening of six additional U.S. locations and one in Canada.

  • United Rentals Trench Safety, Lansing, Michigan - engineered excavation support, confined space entry systems, and worker training.
  • United Rentals Power & HVAC in Charleston, South Carolina; Cumming, Georgia; and Freeport, Texas - engineered solutions for temporary power, heating, cooling and ventilation, and disaster recovery services.
  • United Rentals Tool Solutions branches in Chesapeake, Virginia; Bakersfield, California; and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan -  temporary and long-term onsite tool management and maintenance.

Paul McDonnell, senior vice president for specialty operations, said, "Our latest branch openings complete our plan for 14 new specialty locations in 2016, as part of our ongoing strategic expansion. In addition to strong standalone demand, we are cross-selling specialty rentals to our large construction and industrial customers. Our specialty offerings represent some of our most important growth opportunities, and we’ll continue to invest accordingly.”

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