United Rentals Launches Online Rental Site

August 7, 2016

United Rentals now has an online rental service that makes renting heavy equipment for a day, week, or month easier than reserving a vacation car rental, according to the company.

The UR site checks inventory at company branches near the job site and displays availability, multiple rates, fees and taxes, payment choices, and special requests. Like other online retail suppliers, customers can confirm orders, track transactions, schedule delivery and pickup. Live online chat assistance is available if desired. Mobile and tablet apps can be downloaded for field use.

Customers who aren't sure what equipment to rent for their task can run a simple search that gives equipment options that will fit their needs. Support for maintenance and safety procedures are inlcuded on the United Rentals site.

The UR site is quick and clean to use and offers a consultative approach without requiring the customer to jump through unnecessary hoops.

Source: United Rentals