Unions Focus on Flagship Facilities for Training

September 15, 2017

State-of-the-art training centers being built by trade unions are offering higher-education type training and are drawing attendees nationwide.

In this week's BNA Labor Report, four union training centers are highlighted as the progressive leaders taking steps to bring more skilled workers into the construction trades.

In an interview with Bloomberg BNA before Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, International Union of Operating Engineers communication director Jay Lederer said, "Tens of billions of dollars of work has been set in motion on the Gulf Coast. There’s going to be even more need for skilled operators down there, and there isn’t a lot of training infrastructure in the South, as much as we’d like to have."

The new national-scale facilities are bringing what John Ballantyne, executive secretary of the Northeast Regional Council of Carpenters union, calls “an almost  formal education in the construction industry, on par with any college or university out there.”

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