Unheated Storage Saves Time and Money

September 28, 2010

Pre-engineered buildings solve the New Jersey National Guard's need for unheated storage space to house its equipment and supplies.

The National Guard's equipment supply has outgrown its storage facilities, according to a recent press release. When guardsmen are mobilized, they need many types of supplies, but everything needs to be stored when they're not deployed in the field—from tents, sleeping bags and fatigues to trucks, tires and POLs (petroleum, oil and lubricants). In New Jersey, for example, there were guardsmen trying to cram equipment and tools needing 3,000 square feet of space into 1,000 square feet of storage.

Ten years ago, the New Jersey National Guard began renting metal cargo containers as a temporary solution. With no ventilation and no drainage, containers began to rust out, damaging what was inside. Their new solution: Install prefabricated buildings with structure, sheeting and rigid insulation pre-installed in modular panels.

New Jersey contractor R.B. Reynolds won the bid to erect 25 buildings across the state in a first round of construction. Kelly Industries, Fremont, Neb., manufactures the pre-engineered metal buildings that assemble "out of the box" at 1/3 the cost of brick-and-mortar structures, according to the contractor.

"To erect the pre-engineered buildings, we needed just one traveling crew using a crane, some ladders, and a few socket sets, with no need for even a garbage dumpster since there was hardly any cleanup to speak of," says Bruce DiAntonio, president of R.B. Reynolds. He also estimates that he saved about $50,000 per building in labor costs compared to brick-and-mortar structures.

Erection of the 30×30-foot buildings took just four days per site. The buildings are designed to last for 30 years, and the panel frames themselves offer sturdy, interior attachment holes for lights, piping, or mechanical-electrical installations. Prices range from $25,000 to $50,000 per building.

For more information, call 800/228-7230 or visit www.kellyklosure.com.