Tybot - The Rebar Tying Robot

October 30, 2017
Tybot is an autonomous rebar-tying robot and is attached on a frame that can expand to 140 feet

Developed by Advanced Construction Robotics, Tybot is ready to provide a solution to the labor shortage affecting road and bridge contractors.

The rebar-tying robot was developed by Steve Muck, CEO of Brayman Construction in Pennsylvania, and Jeremy Searock, former technical program manager of Carnegie Mellon University's National Robotics Engineering Center, in an effort to find a robotic business solution to the labor shortage in construction.

The autonomous rebar-tying robot is attached on a frame that can expand to 140 feet and senses each rebar intersection. Tybot ties off the rebar connection, then moves to the next intersection to repeat the process. The equipment needs only one human to supervise the process, freeing up valuable human workers for other tasks.

Brayman Construction tested the Tybot robot in Beaver County, Pennsylvania earlier this year and is now set to begin selling their product next Spring under the name Tybots LLC..