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Two People Killed When Olympics Bike Path Collapses in Rio

Accident raises concerns over quality of 2016 Olympics' construction work

April 22, 2016


An elevated section of a coastal cycling path built as a legacy project for the Rio 2016 Olympics was demolished by a huge wave yesterday. The wave lifted a 50meter section of the Tim Maia bike path which was inaugurated just 3 months ago.

Two people were killed and another person is missing.

The $12.5 million cycle route was built on metal pillars set into a cliff.

Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes, who was in Greece for the lighting of the Olympic torch at the time will fly back to Rio immediately to follow investigations into the cause of the collapse, AP reports.

One of the deceased was identified as a 54-year-old father of one who had been jogging on the path when the wave hit.

View  the video here:

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