Trump Says He Broke Glass Ceiling for Women in Construction Industry

June 7, 2016

While being interviewed on The O'Reillly Factor Monday night, Donald Trump took credit for breaking the barriers on behalf of women in construction.

He also credited himself for helping women in real estate.

"I have great respect for women. I was the one that really broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women more than anyone in the construction industry," Trump said.

Trump is attempting to appeal to more women voters who he has alienated by his comments and treatment of women during his campaign. Many of Trump's opponents believe his public statements about women alone are enough to turn voters off. Throughout the 2016 race, Trump has maintained the lowest favorability ratings among female voters of any major presidential candidate.

Trump also fended off questions from Mr. O’Reilly about a Boston Globe report showing that there were few women on his campaign, and that they were paid substantially less than men.  According to the Globe, men working for Trump make about 35 percent more than women in his employ. Only one-quarter of Trump's staff is female.

View Trump's interview with O'Reilly here.