Trump Border Wall Begins Construction in El Paso

September 21, 2018
Close up of white wall.

Construction of a border wall will soon replace fencing south of Downtown El Paso, beginning in the Chihuahuita neighborhood and continuing for four miles. The southern part of the neighborhood contains the border fence separating El Paso from Juarez, according to the El Paso Times.

Border officials have not stated if the wall will be similar to the bollard wall built along the U.S. and Mexico border in Santa Teresa, New Mexico. The wall stands between 18 and 30 feet depending on its placement, and cost early $73 million. No cost information regarding the new wall has been released.

Some El Paso leaders have criticized the plan, with State Sen. Jose Rodriguez calling it “an expensive waste of taxpayer money,” according to the El Paso Times. He also called the current administration's plans to replace an already existing fence “ridiculous,” stating in an email that the U.S. needs “smarter approaches to the border.”

Mannys Silva Rodriguez, a Chihuahuita resident, told the El Paso Times she first learned of plans for a new wall through media reports.

"Nobody came to talk to us. We found out through the media, through certain contacts," she told the El Paso Times. "Nobody mentioned it."

Source: El Paso Times