Truck Safety Recalls - Western Star and International LT

April 13, 2018
NHTSA recalled some Western Star trucks

NHTSA Safety Recall 18V-191 - Western Star

Beginning May 21, 2018 Daimler Trucks North America will be notifying dealers and customers that certain Western Star trucks are being recalled.

Description of defect: On certain Western Star vehicles built with a pass through power stud and attached foam gasket seal mounted through the bulkhead, in certain instances a potential exist for contact between the power stud and the bulkhead which could result in arcing which could increase the risk of a fire.

Vehicles: 2017 - 2019 Western Star models 4700, 4900, 5700, 6900 produced between October 18, 2016 to February 6, 2018

Number of vehicles involved: 7,128

Estimated percentage with defect: 1 percent

Remedy: The pass through power stud will be inspected for clearance to the bulkhead and replaced if required. Repairs will be performed by Daimler Trucks North America authorized service facilities. Copies of the reimbursement plan will be submitted as a supplemental report when available.

Contact: Daimler Trucks North America 1-800-547-0712, manufacture recall number FL-766

NHTSA Safety Recall 18V-199 - Navistar International LT

Beginning May-25, 2018, Navistar will be notifying dealers and customers that certain 2018-2019 International LT trucks are being recalled.NHTSA recalled some Navistar trucks

Description of defect: When the hood is in the closed position on certain 2018-2019 International LT trucks, the fender splash panel may rub on the inlet fuel line fitting to the fuel/water separator, causing abrasion damage to the fitting and possibly resulting in a fuel leak.

Vehicles: Heavy diesel truck, GVWR of 26,001 to 55,001 and over equipped with a 483 model fuel/water separator feature code 0015LMC, 0015LMD, 0015LNC, 0015LND, or 0015LPK with drum brakes or a 488 model fuel/water separator feature code 0015LNL, 0015LNM, or 0015LPL.Inclusive dates of manufacture are from start of production of the LT model through the date the issue was contained at the assembly plant.

Number of vehicles involved: 527

Estimated percentage with defect: 100 percent

Remedy: The remedy will involve trimming the splash panel to allow proper clearance and replacing any fuel/water inlet line fitting found with abrasion damage. Navistar's plan for reimbursement will be included in customer notification.

Contact: Navistar 1-800-448-7825 manufacture recall number 18503