Tropos Motors Features New ABLE eCUVs

April 3, 2018
Tropos Technologies rebrands as Tropos Motors to focus on manufacturing of eCUVs

With the introduction of its new ABLE product line, Tropos Technologies has evolved from distributor of the Cenntro METRO to manufacturer of electric low-speed vehicles and trucks.

Rebranding as Tropos Motors, the company will continue to distribute the METRO throughout the U.S. under the new ABLE product line, as well as develop additional vehicle offerings.

The Tropos Motors ABLE is a full line of durable, versatile and available eCUVs (electric Commercial Utility Vehicles) capable of handling large payloads and towing capacities, while also operating in extremely tight quarters with a short wheelbase and turning radius. Tropos Motors eCUVs can be operated indoors, outdoors and off-road.

The ABLE chassis is a workhorse,” said CEO, John Bautista. “With our Easy Swap System, a few tools and a few minutes the bed packages can be switched out to transform the vehicle from a campus tour hauler to a delivery vehicle or work truck with standard pick-up, box, and tradesman bed packages.”

With an on-road payload capacity of up to 1,100 pounds on-road/1,500 pounds off-road, and a turning radius of 150 inches (12.5 feet) the ABLE is tough enough for the big jobs, yet small enough to get into tight spaces.

The 10kW ultra-low maintenance zero-emission vehicle has 775 ft-lbs of rear wheel torque and an estimated 144 MPGe, up to 4.3 M/KwH, with a towing capacity of up to 2000 pounds. It has a variable range of 40–160 miles, and a top speed of 25 mph or 35 mph as defined by local laws, or 40 mph off-road, based on customization.

 Unlike other eCUVs that may be built on chassis that are too heavy, unbalanced or designed for internal combustion engines, the ABLE chassis is specially designed for electric utility vehicles. Likewise, the ABLE is not built on a repurposed golf cart or UTV chassis. The computer designed chassis strikes a perfect balance for high performance, efficiency, durability, and versatility and features a lightweight, modular, well-balanced structure, leveraging automotive-grade components.

Tropos Motors will have the new uplift packages on display and in the Ride and Drive at the Advanced Clean Transportation Expo May 1 - May 3, 2018, in Long Beach, California (booth #1327). For more information contact

Source: Tropos