TransTech Systems Accepts Nuclear-Gauge Trade-Ins

September 28, 2010

Pavement Quality Indicator
According to TransTech, the Pavement Quality Indicator is covered by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Official's (AASHTO) specification TP68.

TransTech Systems, which manufactures a non-nuclear density gauge—the electromagnetic-based PQI301 Pavement Quality Indicator (PQI)—now accepts trade-ins of nuclear gauges when users buy the TransTech instrument.

According to TransTech, nuclear-gauge owners can trade in their present instruments without the paperwork normally involved in the disposal process. The company offers a trade-in price of $500, which is applied to the purchase of a PQI.

The PQI, says TransTech, allows density measurements to be made in three to four seconds, and it can be used without fees for licensing and badge service.