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Transportation Plan Sparks Backlash In Iowa Legislature

Cuts would force layoffs, affect services

April 22, 2016

Iowa State Capitol Building in Des Moines



“It’s crap.”

That was the blunt assessment offered Thursday by Iowa Rep. Josh Byrnes, a Republican from Osage, of his party’s proposal to budget nearly $10 million less than the state transportation department says is needed to maintain staffing levels.

“If we don’t give them the money, they’re going to cut people. Plain and simple,” said Byrnes, who chairs the Iowa House’s transportation policy committee but is not a member of the budget committee.

Iowa's DOT estimates a staff reduction of more than 150 jobs as of July 1 without an addition $9.7 million in the next budget year. Iowa's Senate will vote next week on the proposal.

Read more about where last year's gas tax increase figures into the legislature's plans. Link to story at the Des Moines Gazette here:


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