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Traffic Cop Hit in Head with Bobcat Bucket

Officer is in stable condition and expected to fully recover

May 10, 2016

Image: Milford Police Department



On Monday, A Milford, Mass., police officer had to be flown to the hospital after being hit by a skid steer bucket.

The officer, Nate Hathaway, was directing traffic when a Bobcat skid steer accidently hit him in the head with the its bucket.

Chief Thomas O'Loughlin said Hathaway had his back to the loader and did not see the equipment moving.

Hathaway was taken to Milford Regional Medical Center before being flow to UMass Memorial Medical Center -- University Campus in Worcester, according to a report by WCVB-TV.

Police told WBZ-TV that Hathaway was conscious at the hospital, but in serious condition. He had since been upgraded to stable.


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