Tracking Units Add Security to Fleets

September 28, 2010

Trailer and Asset Tracking Unit
The Trailer and Asset Tracking Units report location information to the operator or owner.

Teletrac recently introduced its Trailer and Asset Tracking Units, new devices that increase the security of commercial vehicle trailers and mobile assets as well as provide inventory management.

The units, which are installed in a piece of equipment or a truck trailer, report location information to the operator or owner if they have started to move or have been stopped for a preset time period, enabling fleet owners to locate and recover stolen equipment or vehicles.

The company's partnership with Numerex allows nationwide coverage in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Users can also set the units to report location information from any point in the United States if they have been moved outside of a preset zone of compliance.

The units report through FleetDirector, Teletrac's wireless vehicle location information system that allows operators/owners to view the location of their fleets in real-time on their computer screens.

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