Topcon Website Addresses More Markets

April 23, 2015

Topcon Positioning Group has redesigned its interactive website to address the needs of customers in its expanding markets, including construction, geopositioning, agriculture, OEM (original equipment manufacturers), BIM and more with customized experiences and solutions-specific content.

“The site is the culmination of extensive groundwork and analysis as the company worked to envision a tool that would best communicate our solutions-approach commitment to the varied industries we serve. We also wanted it to communicate how Topcon solutions are used every day to meet the individualized needs of our users,” said Mark Contino, VP of global marketing.

“It’s built as an enterprise resource with insights to the positioning industry as a whole: where visitors can learn how this exciting technology is being utilized by their peers and how they too might benefit from it,” said Contino.

The site includes multi-language content options and extensive use of high-definition videos and added emphasis on case studies and “real-world” unique application stories.