Topcon Technology Will Be Used for 'Facescape'

September 29, 2014

Using TopCon Technology, artist Jorge Rodríguez-Gerada will create a 6-acre portrait in Washington, D.C., of different faces between the World War II and Lincoln Memorials along the south side of the Reflecting Pool.  The project uses TopCon’s high-precision GNSS survey technology and MAGNET Field software to make the precision contour cuts.


“We used five HiPer SR rovers connected to our TopNETlive RTK network service to acquire the precise corrections necessary to get the project done,” said Scott Langbein, TopCon director of product marketing.  “We basically redrew the contours of the artist’s conception in the field using stakes guided by Topcon GNSS technology — you might think of it as reverse surveying.”


The facescape will be unveiled on Wednesday, Oct.1, and open to the general public on Saturday, Oct. 4.