Topcon Announces Integration Agreement With Volvo CE for 3D-MC Excavation

May 19, 2016

Topcon Positioning Group and Volvo CE announce the companies are working together to establish a Topcon 3D machine control (3D-MC) solution. The technology is designed to seamlessly integrate with Volvo Dig Assist (machine control 2D) on Volvo excavators and with Topcon workflow solutions for design and as-built data.

The Topcon 3D-MC solution integration on the Volvo excavator is designed to complement the Volvo Dig Assist capability by including the use of 3D design files and connectivity with Topcon workflow solution platforms.

The new system will allow the equipment operator to receive project changes in real-time, customize his view, communicate with managers, and sensors on the excavator will accurately calculate the location of the bucket teeth.

“We are excited to extend our 3D machine controlled excavation offering to include direct integration with Volvo Dig Assist,” said Ulrich Hermanski, vice president Topcon Construction Business EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). “Our customers who already prefer Topcon 3D machine control solutions now have the opportunity to apply that proven performance with the Volvo excavation solution.”

“With the integration we can now offer the best of both worlds to our customers,” explained Niels Haverkorn, vice president Solutions at Volvo CE. “They can complement the Volvo Excavators and Dig Assist solution with the 3D machine control application of one of the major survey equipment providers in the business.”

Source: Topcon;