Top 10 States for Infrastructure

January 16, 2018

Keyword "Infrastructure" has found its way into almost daily conversations as the country continues to organize and find funding to repair and rebuild U.S. roads, bridges, ports and other public works.

U.S.News & World Report has compiled a report, Infrastructure Rankings - Measuring states' energy, transportation and internet  which ranks each state's quality of life according to the condition of its transportation, energy, and internet access.

The energy rankings track the reliability of power grids, renewable energy consumption and the price of electricity. Internet rankings measure download speed for broadband and the percentage of households with broadband internet. Transportation looks at average commute time, road quality, unstable bridges and public transit usage.

Oregon tops the Best States for Infrastructure list, capturing the best ranking for overall energy, number three for transportation, and ninth for internet access.

New Hampshire ranking number one for internet access, though Rhode Island had the fastest download speeds.

Nebraska was top rated for road quality and Nevada scored best for bridge quality.

As infrastructure concerns shape the nation's future, knowing what states seem to be doing it right is an important part of the conversation.

The interactive list is a part of the publication's Best States Data Explorer,  powered by McKinsey & Company.