TODCO Lube Goes Green

Staff | September 28, 2010

TODCO® introduces TODCO FG Lube™, a more environmentally-friendly, custom-made lubricant designed specifically for overhead truck doors.  Thanks to its advanced food-grade quality formula (hence the "FG"), the new product will lubricate springs, rollers, bearings, hinges and locks as effectively as the original TODCO Lube, with minimal environmental impact.

TODCO FG Lube is registered as an H1 lubricant with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).  It contains no petroleum distillates, and all its ingredients are considered food-grade.  H1 lubricants may be used in food-processing environments where there is a possibility of incidental food contact. 

According to TODCO Vice President of Sales and Marketing Scott Blackford, many commercially available lubricants utilize grease, which attracts and holds dust and can harden in low temperatures.  He added that all food-grade lubricants must perform the same functions as other lubricants – protect against wear, friction, corrosion and oxidation, and be compatible with rubber and other sealing materials – but prove safer for the environment.

Equally important to the green initiative, TODCO FG Lube will be packaged in recyclable plastic 16-ounce refillable pump spray bottles, as opposed to the former 16-ounce spray cans powered by aerosol propellants and containing only about 12 ounces of lubricant.  Blackford stated, "Ounce per ounce, the customer will be paying virtually the same price for a better product overall."  The new lubricant may also be purchased in a recyclable plastic gallon container with a separate reusable sprayer or in a 55-gallon drum.

TODCO FG Lube, complete with redesigned packaging, is now available and may be ordered by calling (740) 383-6376.