Times Square Alteration Opened Up a Can of Worms

January 27, 2017

Feeling a bit strung-out working on a complicated project? Here's a good article about how unanticipated building conditions snowballed when the developer wanted to make a seemingly simple change.

20 Times Square in New York City, also known as 20 TS, is a $1 billion development on the corner of Seventh Avenue and West 47th Street. The 41-story multiuse development is being constructed within and on top of a decades old building, which is not unusual in NYC's booming building era.

But when the developer Witkoff-Maefield Development decided to add a larger billboard in hopes of generating more revenue, life at 20 TS got a lot more complicated.

The Sign is 18,000 square feet with a 16 million LED display that wraps around the corner of the building. Kenneth M. Colao, president of CNY Group, calls the project his “most taxing, yet exhilarating,” in his 37 years in construction.

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