TIMED Celebrates Engineers Week

Staff | September 28, 2010

Louisiana's TIMED Program introduced girls to engineering throughout Baton Rouge during National Engineers Week, February 17–23.

As a part of E-Week, a special effort is made on national "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" Day to encourage young women to consider a career in engineering.

"Statistically women are underrepresented in the field of engineering — with less than 10 percent of American engineers being women," said Dana Newsome, TIMED spokesperson. "As part of E-Week, we are eager to share with young women in Baton Rouge that engineering is more than math and science. It's an exciting career where they can be creative, challenge themselves and travel."

Four public schools in Baton Rouge were selected for on-site activities. The 500 participating girls received educational booklets on various fields of engineering and information on ways to prepare for a career in engineering. The events featured a female engineer guest speaker and hands-on activities.

"We are excited about exposing young women to these exciting career options," said Newsome. "Louisiana's TIMED Program depends on engineers of all kinds. It's important for girls to know there are careers available where they can make a difference and improve their community."

The "Introduce a Girl to Engineering" effort is one part of the TIMED Program's "TIMED to Explore Engineering" campaign. This long-term effort will continue to introduce youth in 7th and 8th grade to the field of engineering around the state. The website and MySpace page hosts information on careers in engineering and resources for teens and parents.