September 28, 2010

Thurman DiamondBack Truck ScaleThe new DiamondBack truck scale offers the greatest load capacity and overall weighbridge strength of any steel-deck scale that’s ever carried the Thurman brand name. While boasting a load capacity of 90,000 pounds, the DiamondBack is still designed to experience the least possible bending when a load is applied, claiming a deflection ratio measured at 1:1260. Inside each easy-access compartment is a 75,000-pound, alloy-steel, double-ended shear beam load cell. Each steel-deck module is built with nine massive structural steel I-beam supports, and features an open-bottom design that allows for free air flow and eliminates the internal condensation that causes corrosion. Thurman’s self-checking parallel-link suspension system provides full 360-degree shock suspension. Along with easily handling hard shocks and side loads, this system never requires further adjustment after installation. All electronics are externally mounted for easy access and fast routine maintenance.