Three Ways Computers Cut Costs

Larry Stewart | September 28, 2010

 Don Bernosky, equipment and mechanic coordinator at Schlouch Inc.

For Don Bernosky, equipment and mechanic coordinator at Schlouch Inc., computers are all about saving time.

  1. "A guy can spend five minutes ordering parts online, where the same job used to take ten," says Bernosky. "If he does that 30 times a day, it really adds up."
    The Pennsylvania sitework contractor is enrolled in the online parts systems offered by Caterpillar, Komatsu and John Deere. Bernosky and his mechanics build parts lists using manufacturers' electronic parts books, and place orders automatically.
    Users can store parts lists for repetitive jobs, and Bernosky has saved lists of materials needed for preventive maintenance jobs. He uses the lists daily to order service kits.
  2. "I do my oil-sample paperwork electronically," he says. "I get 50 to 75 samples in here every week. It used to take two hours to get them out to the lab. I can do 50 in ten minutes now."
    Schlouch uses Conoco oils, oil analysis, and their sample-processing software.
    "You go into the program, click on the right equipment number, and most of the information drops into the label automatically," Bernosky says. He scans analysis results at a secure Internet site.
  3. Conoco also surveyed all of Schlouch's lubricant needs and compiled a list by equipment type of each lube needed in each of the firm's machines.
    "I have guys servicing equipment at night—they may only come here to the shop once or twice a week," Bernosky says. "We e-mail a PM schedule to them every day at home. They have Conoco's survey on a CD, and if a guy's not sure which oil to put in a component, he can look at the list."