Those Magnificent Men with Their Flying Machines

August 11, 2016

Now that Part 107 has clarified commercial drone use, the collective worldwide engineering imagination is readying to use UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) to make industries more efficient, profitable, accurate and safer.

Construction will be a huge market for drones and Commercial UAV News has posted their Market Update Sumer 2016 for Construction just in time for the August launch of Part 107's enforcement.

The thought of a drone being able to paint houses or build walls wasn’t even a consideration too long ago, but today it’s a reality. These tools are being disseminated into the daily lives of construction professionals to perform and assist with numerous physical tasks, but the instantaneous perspective they provide around how things are or are not progressing on a project might be even more valuable.

The special Summer 2016 Construction section will take you to linked articles on what experts see as the near future of drone tasks in construction such as painting, who the leaders are in drone application research, legal rights to air space and privacy, potential highrise window washing (the reason why the South Park Tower in LA has a drone landing dock), and efforts to round up drone 'cowboys' who fly their UAVs unsafely.

Part 107 starts at the end of this month, so look up - often. Click here for more Commercial UAV News stories and videos.