Thompson Pumps Feature Enviroprime® System

September 28, 2010

Thompson Pump has a solution for unfortunate byproducts of the dewatering industry like sewage, debris and chemical discharge with the Enviroprime® system. This priming system prevents blowby — sewage, debris and chemicals — from discharging onto the ground, keeping the surrounding environment clean and safe. Even when simply rerouting stormwater, spillage will not happen.

The Enviroprime uses an air compressor to separate air from water moving through the pump, which prevents the pump’s venturi from clogging and causing a shutdown. With the air escaping separately, the fluid can continue through the pump without any unwanted blow-by discharge. The separation cycle is continuous. Ideal for high-lift situations (up to 28 feet), the Enviroprime also has the ability to pump liquids containing solids up to 3 inches in diameter, as well as sand and mud in suspension.