Terramac Introduces GPS on Crawler Carriers

October 10, 2013

All Terramac RT9 rubber track crawler carriers will come with a GPS receiver and one-year paid subscription to On-Board Communications Inc. data tracking.

The GPS receiver will transmit real-time location information, along with fleet management data such as run time and idle time via cellular network service. The system’s Activity Logging Technology allows users to track time operating under load.

Owners and operators can use the performance metrics that the system continuously records to determe how machines or combinations of machinery are most cost-effective. The data, which transports to spreadsheet software, provides documentation useful for billing, justifying bids and verifying operation time to customers after project completion.

Data is viewed by accessing a web portal. Mobile apps are also available.

In the event the unit is in a remote area of no coverage, or if cell service goes down, the software will continue its documentation. The system has an internal battery backup in the event of power loss. As soon as coverage is restored, it resumes transmission automatically.