Terex Releases Boom Booster Kit for Superlift 3800

October 14, 2015

Terex Cranes is now offering a Boom Booster for the Superlift 3800. It increases the main boom’s stiffness, boosting the crane’s lifting capacity by up to thirty percent, Terex says. Boom Booster kits for Superlift 3800 cranes are available in lengths of 24 to 84 meters.

The welded steel structure consists of up to seven sections with a length of twelve meters, comes with the Terex fall protection system as standard, and is designed for being directly mounted on the crane. When equipped with the Boom Booster kit, the Superlift 3800 crane can reach a maximum hook height of 174 meters and lift loads of up to 80 tonnes, Terex says.

The structure has an overall width of 3.5 meters, making it easy to transport. Two additional boom sections can “slide” into the Boom Booster kit during transportation, eliminating the need for at least one truck that would otherwise be required.

The Boom Booster optional kit is available with all new Superlift 3800 crane orders. It can also be ordered separately as a retrofit kit..