Telematics Research Project Launched in Germany

May 22, 2014

The German trade association that recently committed to the AEMP/AEM Telematics Standard has launched a research project to test how telematics impacts construction.

VDBUM organized its own telematics committee in April and hopes to develop a fleet-management system through the BauFlott research project. VDBUM's telematics group will work with the University of Munich-TUM and with fleet owners, telematics providers, and equipment manufacturers. The project will include different types of equipment and operations and will incorporate Version 2.0 of the standard, which is set to be released later this year.

"Equipment owners should be provided a holistic fleet-management system, which enables them to plan and manage the use of their equipment efficiently for increasing productivity and decreasing operational time and cost," according to the organization. The Bauflott project will address:

  • Which functionalities are required for a logistical fleet management system for equipment?
  • What data needs to be collected to support these functionalities sufficiently?
  • Desired frequency for data to be sent from the asset?
  • How can we process raw data to performance factors for the back-end?
  • Where should the data be processed (computingpower vs. transmission volume)?
  • Where and how is data storage performed with regard to availability and security?
  • What information should be communicated back to the operator?
  • How can information be transmitted to the asset?

VDBUM says the project will unfold in three stages. Stage 1 will provide a performance measurement system for different construction operations. Stage 2 will define the fleet-management system and develop algorithms for data related to the various construction operations. A prototype will be developed, and it will be tested in Stage 3.