Tanfield Invests in Snorkel

Staff | September 28, 2010

The Tanfield Group, new owner of Snorkel, is investing $10 million in Snorkel's plant in Elwood, Kan., and moving manufacture of some lifts taken from its UpRight division to the facility. The lifts will be added to the Snorkel product line. UpRight vertical-mast lifts — the TM12, MB20, and MB26 — become Snorkel's M1230, M2032J and M2639J. UpRight's SL26SL and SL30SL articulating platforms become the Snorkel SR2684SL and SR3084SL platforms, and UpRight's AB38 (narrow and wide versions) become Snorkel's AB38N and AB38W. The UpRight X26UN becomes Snorkel's S2633 scissor lift.