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Takeuchi Fleet Management Service Now Available On Excavators and Track Loaders

“TFM eliminates any guessing games and makes users aware of any issues in real-time."

August 03, 2016
Takeuchi-US, a leader in compact equipment, has launched a new telematics system, Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM). This is Takeuchi’s first step in a multifaceted initiative to know their customers better. Now available at all local dealers, TFM hardware comes standard on select excavators and track loaders in the Takeuchi lineup.
With the launch of TFM, Takeuchi  dealers and customers will have visibility into their equipment like never before. The TFM monitoring system checks the health of Takeuchi equipment and minimizes costly repair calls with real-time machine information.
Features include remote diagnostics that reduce service trips by capturing run hours and equipment data. Utilization tracking allows the operator to make decisions based on actual equipment use, and schedules maintenance. This saves time, parts and money by avoiding unnecessary maintenance. In addition, TFM minimizes cost using the precision to identify the problem as soon as it starts. This allows the service person to bring the correct tools and parts the first time, limiting any downtime.  
“The new TFM feature will provide operators a greater capacity to maximize profitability, reduce downtime and improve efficiency,” said Jonathan Martinez, project manager at Takeuchi-US. “It eliminates any guessing game to make TFM users aware of any issues in real-time. This is an exciting new addition to our lineup.” 

Machines equipped with TFM hardware as standard equipment will also include two years of standard service. For more information on the Takeuchi Fleet Management system, Takeuchi excavators, skid steers, track loaders, or wheel loaders, visit

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