Take a Walk on the Wild Side

July 29, 2016

Construction on the 88-story Jinmao Tower glass skywalk in Shanghai is now complete and opened to the daring public on Thursday.

The glass walkway is 1,115 feet above ground and about 197 feet long - with nothing to hold on to. Not a railing in sight.

Visitors can wander around the walkway or just sit to enjoy the heart-stopping view of downtown Shanghai for 30 minutes for $58. Only 15 people are allowed to meander around the skywalk at one time for safety reasons.

The Jinmao Tower is China's third tallest building at 1,380 feet and a favorite tourist stop.

Those who may feel a bit queasy about wandering around the handrail-free platform can take comfort that all visitors are tethered to an overhead guide rail and are accompanied by two safety professionals who provide supervision and assistance when needed.

No. Please. After you.

Source: Straitstimes.com