Tadano to Introduce Triple Boom System

May 1, 2015

Although details are sketchy at this point, a new eight-axle Tadano all-terrain crane, presently under development at the Tadano Faun facility in Germany, will be fitted with what the company is calling a “revolutionary” boom structure—the patented Tadano Triple Boom System.

According to Tadano Faun, the crane will be the first eight-axle all-terrain model not requiring a boom-suspension system to enhance lift capacity. Instead, says the company, the new boom design “uses a central telescopic boom that is permanently flanked by smaller, round, tubular telescopic supports running parallel to it along its length, spaced off to give it [the central boom] stiffness.”

Benefits of the new boom design, says the company, include eliminating transport equipment for conventional boom-suspension components, saving time when rigging the crane, and reducing tail-swing radius. The exact lift capacity of the new crane is not available, but is estimated to be around 660 tons.