T Bailey Inc. Expands with New Plant in Anacortes, WA

Story by Carl Molesworth | September 28, 2010

A booming niche construction market and a solid reputation have combined to make the past few years busy ones for T Bailey Inc. of Anacortes, Wash.

T Bailey is diversified heavy-civil/industrial general contractor with a heavy plate/structural fabrication division. The company specializes in the construction of steel water-storage system facilities, including pump and booster stations, as well as bulk fuel storage system facilities, said Justin Rawls, project manager.

"Our primary workload consists of federal government contracting agencies, public works agencies, private developers, wind turbine manufacturers, and drilling / boring contractors," Rawls added. "We work as a licensed general contractor in the states of Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, and Idaho."

Currently, the fabrication shops are housed in approximately 25,000 square feet of covered facilities designed to perform custom fabrication of heavy structural and plate products meeting API, AWWA, AWS, UL, and ASME codes. The shop and facility are geared to the fabrication of field-erected storage tanks, plus the manufacture of UL and API shop tanks, AWWA C200 water pipe and large-diameter casing.

Equipment in the plant includes two, four-roll plate rollers: The larger set rolls to 1-3/4-inch by 10 feet, and the smaller set rolls to 3/4-inch by 10 feet. A CNC controlled plasma cutting machine features a 40-foot-by-11-foot water table and has AutoCAD downloading capability. Other equipment includes four welding head manipulators with turning roll and positioners; tank and vessel turning rolls; iron workers; band saws; and overhead cranes.

In addition, T Bailey operates a state-of-the-art, 12,000-square-foot wheelabrating and paint facility for preparing steel surfaces and applying prime and finish paint systems. T Bailey also is an AISC-certified fabricator of simple steel bridges, complex and conventional steel structures, and it has all three of the Sophisticated Paint endorsements. The company employs about 30 people in the shop and 15 in the office, Rawls said.

T Bailey's construction capabilities include performing the site preparation including earthwork, underground utilities and concrete foundation work, along with fabricating and erecting the structure/vessels.

"This turn-key construction approach creates flexibility for owners and allows for competitive pricing along with aggressive construction scheduling," Rawls said. "We have also been a major key subcontractor or a fabrication supplier on a number of large-scale projects."

After several years of strong growth, T Bailey has outgrown the present facility and its 3.5-acre site, said Gean Lale, business development manager. As a result, the company acquired a nearby site from the Port of Anacortes and started construction in 2006 of a new plant that will double the amount of available space. The 89,000-square-foot metal building, on 19 usable acres, will accommodate three 80-foot bays and ample office space.

T Bailey has served as its own general contractor for the new plant, as well as performing earthwork and concrete placement. Alan N. Perkes Construction Inc., of Mount Vernon, Wash., is the building contractor.

A sister company, Katana Industries, operates in Grant County, Wash., primarily producing turbine towers for wind farms. Like T Bailey, Katana is building a new facility to better handle future growth. The new Ephrata plant will employ about 80 people, Lale said.

"It's an exciting time for us," Rawls observed. "We have all this expansion work going on — and the business to pay for it."