Survey Shows Support for Shortening Environmental Reviews of Infrastructure Projects

November 21, 2013

Sixty-one percent of voters believe it would be possible to cut the amount of time it takes to perform environmental reviews of infrastructure projects without harming the environment, according to a survey sponsored by Common Good.

“This is a very significant finding,” said Philip K. Howard, founder and chair of Common Good, the nonpartisan reform coalition that sponsored the survey. “U.S. infrastructure is crumbling, yet infrastructure approvals can take a decade or longer. The public believes we can do better.”

According to the survey, a majority of voters (55 percent) also favor passing a law that would limit the length of time it takes to conduct environmental reviews to one year. Fifty-two percent would support a one-year limit on environmental reviews if it would allow extending the one-year time limit whenever the President specifically determines that more time is required.

“This survey points the way to breaking the logjam around infrastructure approvals,” said Howard. “Putting a time limit on the length of the environmental review would allow crucial projects and the jobs that they would generate to move forward.”

The survey was conducted for Common Good by Clarus Research Group, a nonpartisan survey firm based in Washington, D.C., Nov. 5 to 11, 2013. The sample included 1,000 self-identified registered voters nationwide, who were interviewed by live telephone interviewing specialists via landlines and cells.