Surface Preparation With MK Diamond Products

Staff | September 28, 2010

MK Diamond manufactures surface grinders and scarifiers that are engineered for high performance and reliability. A wide range of grinding heads and cutting wheels are designed to complete any surface preparation project.

MK Diamond scarifiers have been designed to leave a clean, textured or rough finish on any type of concrete or asphalt surface. Different drums are available to provide cleaning, texturing, leveling, grooving, and paint removal. The unique engage/disengage lever allows the operator to raise and lower the drum without losing the depth setting. Drums are interchangeable and provide for fast and easy changeover.

Scarifier drums come in a variety of cutter combinations to provide different speeds, removal rates and profiles. Depending on cutting wheel style, production rate varies. Removal rate of one-eighth inch is between 350 and 500 square feet per hour.

Description of cutters:

  • 5- and 6-point Carbide Cutters, maximum cutter shaft one-half inch. Long-lasting, fast milling of concrete, asphalt or coatings
  • 18 Point Steel Sharp Tooth — 18 teeth, pointed. Lightly scarify, clean surfaces, remove traffic lines or remove coatings
  • 12 Point Steel Blunt Tooth — 12 teeth cutter, flat tip. General purpose removal of concrete or asphalt

MK Diamond manufactures single and double disc grinders. The MK-SDG Single Disc Grinder is excellent for smoothing rough areas and other surface irregularities, feathering patches and cleaning industrial floors. The front tapered nose provides enhanced visibility. The removable handles and nose weight provide for easy transportation and storage.

The MK-DDG Dual Disc Grinder has been designed with two counter-rotating heads that prevent pulling. Ergonomically designed handles provide improved handling and comfort. Vacuum port allows for dust-free dry grinding. A water control valve is included for wet grinding.