Stolen Tires Recovered With Fleet Tracking

August 12, 2014

Transtar Transportation Inc. recovered $120,000 worth of stolen assets with the NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking solution.

Transtar Transportation, which delivers Hankook tires throughout the western U.S., implemented a fleet tracking solution to help monitor delivery progress, but soon realized unforeseen benefits when NexTraq was able to help them track down 1,112 stolen tires.

After being notified of the incident, Jay Shin, owner of Transtar Transportation, immediately pulled up the NexTraq platform. Reviewing the truck's activity, Shin noticed that it had been used after his driver reportedly parked it in the yard, and was driven 15 miles to an unauthorized location.

Richard Sanchez, operations manager for Transtar Transportation, had all of the GPS data sent to his phone via email and contacted the police.

Using the information, the police were able to locate the facility where they found a partial load of the stolen tires. After interrogating seven people, they found the rest of the tires the following day.