Stanley Hydraulic Tools Dives into Underwater Market

February 17, 2011

Stanley Hydraulic Tools, producer of handheld tools for construction and demolition equipment, will take a deep dive into underwater markets with an array of new products and a focus on expanding offshore markets in Europe, South America and Australia.
Scheduled for unveiling in the second half of the year are a grinder and impact wrench with different mounting positions for work-class remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). New products for commercial dive applications include a small hydraulic grinder, lightweight hammer drill, and an advanced version of the company’s topside diesel power unit for subsea uses.
Markets targeted for growth are the U. S. Gulf Coast, Europe’s North Sea and the coastal waters of Brazil and Australia where oil platforms are concentrated and thousands of miles of pipelines require regular maintenance and repair and new networks are under construction.
“The underwater segment is a crucial element in our commitment to grow foreign sales to 40 percent of the total mix, and that includes the world’s principal offshore drilling regions,” said Martin Schnurr, president of Stanley Hydraulic Tools.
Forecasts project ROV annual sales to almost double to $3.9 billion by 2014, and much of this expansion will be driven by 550 new work-class units over the next five years, Schnurr noted. “These underwater machines require advanced tools and technology designed specifically for ROV use, and that is what Stanley Hydraulic Tools is supplying and has under development.”
Schnurr also noted that ocean and freshwater infrastructures worldwide will need repair, reconstruction and replacement over the next decade, including millions of concrete, wood and steel piers, docks, wharves, seawalls, dams, and marine floor anchoring systems.
“The addition of specially designed tools for underwater construction and demolition to our current lines of hydraulic grinders, chain saws, breakers, chipping hammers, impact drills and wrenches will comprise the strongest lineup in the underwater industry and sets Stanley Hydraulic Tools on a clear path to global leadership in this sector,” Schnurr said.
Schnurr also announced that John Merrifield, a 25-year sales and marketing executive at Stanley Hydraulic Tools, has been appointed Global Account Manager – Underwater. He will be responsible for product development, customer relations, and strategic direction for this industry.
Stanley Hydraulic Tools products on display at Underwater Intervention 2011 at the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, Feb. 22-24, booth 833, include the G29 Grinder, a standard tool used throughout the industry, and a complete line of impact wrenches. Stanley Hydraulic Tools is the only company in the world to offer 22 dedicated underwater hydraulic tool models for dive and ROV applications.
Stanley Hydraulic Tools also will conduct two workshops entitled “Basic Troubleshooting – Hydraulic Tools and Circuits” for underwater tool technicians and dive tenders at Underwater Intervention, Feb. 23, from 8:30 am to 10 am, room 210, and 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm, room 214. The workshops are open to all those registered to attend Underwater Intervention 2011 conferences.
For more information about Stanley Hydraulic Tools underwater tools go to, or call (800) 972-2647 or (503) 659-5660.