Stackable DIY SUV with 100-Year Warrantee

October 12, 2017
Flat-pack concept combat vehicle designed for quick battlefield duty

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder - so if you're needing a bomb-proof, armor-plated, 148 horsepower 4x4 vehicle that will go more than 620 miles on one tank, the Partisan One SUV is going to look pretty good to you. Did we mention the optional anti-mine screen installed on the undercarriage?

Partisan Motors, a German company lead by Dr. Juri  Postnikov, says the Partisan One military SUV is "the best car for the world's worst roads," and can be deployed quickly to wherever it's needed. The company says the concept vehicle could serve in an army for “50 years or more, without requiring a replacement,” and “we provide a 100-year warranty on the entire car in addition to its wearing parts.” 

Possibly the ultimate purpose-built car is ugly by design. Juri Pastnikov said deliberately primitive appearance is an “absolutely conscious” decision, believing the simple, boxy configuration will make it easy to update and modernize throughout its useful life.

Partisan One military SUV can be deployed quicklyAccording to Auto Express, Partisan One relies on a 2.8-liter Fiat-sourced 148-hp turbo diesel engine with a large fuel tank that may offer a driving range up to 932 miles. The galvanized high-strength steel bolt together frame and wishbone suspension breaks down like Ikea flat-pack furniture that allows five Partisan Ones to be packed & stacked in a standard 20-foot shipping container headed to parts unknown.

Standard features include a steering wheel, lights, seats and pedals. Circular cutouts and various anchor points allow for personal style and safety customization. Suggestions include V-shape armor under the chassis or perhaps securing a weapon or two on the vehicle.

The Partisan One is not yet in production but estimates are it will cost about $58,000.

Fully electric and hybrid versions are possible and Partisan Motors says 6x6 and eight-wheel drive models are in development. Future plans include three- and five-door pickup styles.