South Dakota lists ARRA projects

September 28, 2010

South Dakota’s Department of Transportation received $189 million in federal funds under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and has identified 45 state highway improvement projects for the first phase of allocating funds. Because ARRA is a one-time stimulus and does not cover long-term highway funding shortfall, projects selected do not include construction of new highways. 

In addition to projects already planned in the 2009 STIP, the DOT plans to have over 240 miles and nearly 28 miles of pavement rehabilitation under construction this summer. In addition, 33 bridges and 28 safety improvement projects will be under construction. 

Darin Bergquist, Secretary of the DOT, said the variety of construction projects will improve the state of South Dakota’s highway system and also greatly improve highway safety. A list of ARRA projects is on the DOT website,, click on State Highway Economic Stimulus Projects.