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South Carolina Senators Meet Tuesday To Discuss Road Funding Proposals - Again

Bill to revamp DOT board is also on the table.

January 26, 2016

Senator Ray Cleary said he wants to make sure senators stop skipping over the road debate.

 The South Carolina House passed a roads bill last year but it will take $1.2 billion a year to bring South Carolina's existing road system to near perfect interim roads chief Christy Hall said at the South Carolina Alliance to Fix Our Roads meeting on Monday. Her estimate does not include mass transit costs and brand new roads.

The $1.2 billion additional would address pavements and maintenance as well as modernizing and widening existing roads – not new ones, Hall said. One third of South Carolina's interstates and 80 percent of the state's primary routes are in poor to fair condition.

On Tuesday, lawmakers in a Senate Finance Committee meeting plan to take up proposals to raise the gas tax and cut other taxes.

A bill to revamp the board that runs the Department of Transportation is on the Tuesday morning agenda of the Senate Transportation Committee.

Source: The Island Packet

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