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September 28, 2010

  VISTA Start Smart Training
Equipment Training Solutions from VISTA Training, Inc.
VISTA’s Mission is to improve safety and knowledge of heavy equipment operators and related personnel by offering creative, well-designed, high impact training programs and services at a better value than alternatives.

New PC-Based Heavy Equipment Simulators
Realistic -- Cost Effective -- $50 Standard Joysticks -- Tracked Results
Now Available: Excavator, Hydraulic Crane, Tower Crane and Mining Haul Truck (other equipment simulators in development)

Simulator Example

VISTA Training provides:
  • DVDs & Videos
  • Instructor Kits for heavy equipment
  • Onsite, hands-on Equipment Operator Training
  • Custom Training Development (use our materials as a base)
  • Site or Productivity Analysis
  • E-Learning, Content Development
  • Free 40-page catalog of training materials available in PDF format.
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    Videos & DVDs

    Videos & DVDs
    Wheel Loader, Rigging and Lifting, Backhoe, Excavator, Skid Steer, Grader, Haul Truck, and many more.
    Watch a 6-minute demo of VISTA’s top videos!

    Instructor Kits for Heavy Equipment
    Wheel Loader — Backhoe — Dozer — Excavator — Forklift — Skid Steer — Road Crew — Bucket Truck — and more.Instructor kits include everything but the instructor (and we have them, too). Videos, presentations, handouts, tests, planning sheets and more. Everything you need to provide a professional presentation to equipment operators.

    Download Instructor Kits PDF for additional details.

    Equipment Training for all these machines, and more!

    Onsite Training Available

    Onsite, Hands-On Equipment Operator Training
    Don’t have the staff or time to use our instructor kits?
    A professional instructor with at least 15 years equipment experience can come to your site, worldwide. References are available.

    Get more information on VISTA’s website

    Custom Training Development
    Use our materials as a base or convert / modify your existing materials into today's learning formats. DVD/CD-ROM Self-study or online e-learning. Reduce your cost by reducing instructor-led classes.

    Take advantage of VISTA’s already developed equipment training materials.
    Equipment Training Screen 1

    Mine Site-Specific Productivity Analysis
    Need an outsider's view of productivity? Let our seasoned mining industry professionals evaluate your Mine or Construction operations.

    E-Learning Content Development
    Already have a learning management system? Modify our content rather than developing from scratch. Don't have a learning management system? Let us tell you about other operations we have helped.

    Sample Animations:
    Skid Steer Danger
    Backhoe Electrocution Danger

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