SmartEquip Adds IronDirect to Network

September 22, 2016

The SmartEquip Network is expanding its network of more than 200 suppliers with the addition of IronDirect, a new marketplace that provides construction equipment buyers a convenient online platform to value-priced and premium brand products. This new partnership will provide IronDirect customers with all of the critical product information and parts support catalogs they need to keep their equipment up and running.

The SmartEquip Network allows fleet owners and manufacturers to connect with one another through real-time access to critical service and parts information, streamlining the service process and improving customer satisfaction. With SmartEquip’s web portal, fleet owners are able to generate more profit from their equipment by increasing asset availability, improving technician wrench-time, reducing equipment downtime, and eliminating order errors.

“IronDirect is pleased to partner with SmartEquip,” said Tim Frank, president of IronDirect. “This is a natural partnership for both SmartEquip and IronDirect. We are both focused on providing new and innovative ways to remove the unnecessary costs and inefficiencies from the traditional industry business model. Becoming part of the SmartEquip Network is one more way IronDirect is offering our customers a smarter, better way to do business.”

Ron Piccolo, executive vice president at SmartEquip says, “SmartEquip is uniquely qualified to partner with IronDirect. On one side, there is IronDirect who needs to introduce and support multiple brands of complex equipment and on the other you have SmartEquip who specializes in partnering with manufacturers to provide real-time product support to their customers. I believe SmartEquip will play an important role in IronDirect’s success.”

Fleet owners who are partnered with SmartEquip’s Network can expect the availability of IronDirect’s parts inventory in September 2016.