Smart Ideas for Your Company's Smart Phone Policy

March 24, 2016

Even though it sometimes feels like you were born with a smartphone in your hand, it was only 9 years ago that Apple introduced the iPhone. Phones for business use have morphed from Bell's shout to Watson to "Come here- I want to see you!", past Ernestine's switchboard ("one ringy-dingy") to the bit of black plastic magic that keeps you connect to the world now.

With those changes and upgrades have come changes and amendments to companies' phone policies. Every contractor who supplies smartphones to his employees or require workers to use their own devices is dealing with new risks that need to be managed and up to date.

Ignoring the realities of cell phone use in the workplace is no longer an option. All employers must draft policies addressing the varied legal risks and monitor this ever changing legal environment.

Take a few minutes to read Burr & Forman's article 'Contractors: Do You Have a Cell Phone Policy?' and make sure your firm's cell phone policy meets today's risk requirements.

Even the National Labor Relations Board has something to say about how your workers use their phones.

Ernestine would approve. (snort)