Slurry Seal Pavement Maintenance Solution

By Troy Scroggins, Barlow Marketing Group | September 28, 2010

As an advanced pavement maintenance solution Bergkamp Inc., based in Salina, Kansas, offers the M1 self-propelled continuous slurry seal/microsurfacing paver. This paver reduces the number of construction joints by receiving a constant supply of material while the machine is working. It is the only full-size continuous slurry seal/microsurfacing paver available and is ideal for large jobs and those with strict quality requirements.

"Slurry seal and microsurfacing are among the most efficient methods of preventive maintenance for highways, roads and parking lots," said Scott Bergkamp, president of Bergkamp Inc. "The mixture of aggregate, emulsion, water, and additives is applied by the paver in a smooth layer over existing aging pavement before it deteriorates — extending the life of the surface up to seven or more years." Preventative maintenance is only effective on roads that don't have major structural damage. Roads with significant damage require an asphalt overlay or recycling.

The preventative maintenance process involves repairing the basic structure of the road by filling the potholes, sealing the cracks and sweeping it off. Then the slurry seal/microsurfacing paver adds an even, long-lasting finish to the surface. Normally done in temperatures above 50 degrees, this form of road maintenance extends the life of the road considerably without the high costs of an asphalt overlay.

The main difference between slurry seal and microsurfacing is that slurry seal uses a standard emulsion which requires evaporation to occur and sets in several hours. Slurry seal is less expensive, but takes longer to cure. Microsurfacing uses a polymer-modified emulsion that produces a chemical reaction to force the moisture out and can set in less than an hour so traffic can return quickly. The main choice between the two depends on how much one wants to spend and how fast people need to use the road. For more information on slurry seal/microsurfacing, go to the ISSA (International Slurry Surfacing Association) website at

The full-size Bergkamp M1 continuous paver continually places the slurry seal/microsurfacing mix with the help of Mobile Support units, thus finishing the job faster. The M1 is designed for ease of maintenance, with all key components easily accessible and the material tanks can be removed. Its operator stations are positioned on both sides of the machine and have hand rails to protect the operator. The water, emulsion and additives ratios are regulated as they are pumped into the pugmill where they are mixed with the aggregate.