Skyjack, Trackunit Partner on Telematics

October 13, 2017
Skyjack has partnered with Trackunit on machine connectivity

Skyjack has partnered with Trackunit on machine connectivity to support the connected fleet goals of Skyjack’s customers. 

Brad Boehler, Skyjack president and Tom Valbak Aardestrup, COO of Trackunit, announced the partnership during the Access, Lift & Handlers Conference in Miami, Florida.

“Skyjack is at the point with telematics where our customers see the value, and partnering with Trackunit puts us in a position to continue to deliver great ROI with this product,” said Boehler. 
David Swan, product manager at Skyjack, said, “Skyjack has partnered with Trackunit largely due to their understanding of the off-highway (OHV) rental industry. The OHV sector presents unique challenges with regard to telematics. For Trackunit, it’s part of their core business. It’s what they do: deliver value to OHV and construction operations” 

Skyjack says a key benefit to partnering with a third-party telematics provider is avoiding the pitfalls of proprietary hardware and software that have bogged down prior OEM provided solutions, sometimes making it difficult for a rental company to adopt an OEM solution for mixed brand fleets.

Trackunit has been providing telematics solutions developed for the off-highway and construction sector for more than 10 years in 65 countries.

“As part of this partnership, we look forward to continuously pushing the boundaries for technology involvement within the construction industry. Skyjack is a leader in their space and they are dedicated to creating unique solutions for the equipment rental and construction industry,” said Aardestrup. 

The service is targeted for a launch date in the first quarter of 2018. Packages for both data-only supporting rental company ERP systems, and a standalone end-to-end solution will be offered. Skyjack plans to offer services directed towards the end user such as access control, familiarization, and safety check tracking.

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