SFO Crane Incident Served Violation Notice

February 17, 2017

The property owner and contractor at Wednesday's crane accident atop the 22 Tehama Street building in San Francisco have been cited by the city's building department.

The violation issued by the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection said a climbing machine failed, causing the platform the crane was on to tilt and destabilizing a 2,000-pound concrete slab. The incident forced the evacuation of 16 surrounding buildings.

Hines, the company in charge of construction at the building, said Wednesday's incident occurred between levels 35 and 36 when a hydraulic jack failed on an interior forming system, causing the form to tilt and trigger fears of a collapse.

The violation notice requires engineers to stabilize the rooftop structure and submit a report detailing all the repairs within 48 hours.

William Strawn with San Francisco's Department of Building Inspection said, "They need to continue doing the corrective work beyond the stabilization. They have to dismantle the machine that was causing the problems and take that off the site and correct whatever that distortion was on the 35th floor."

Until the company submits the report, construction is halted.