Seven Countries Meet for Global Rental Alliance

August 22, 2016

The Global Rental Alliance (GRA), made up of seven peer equipment rental associations from throughout the world, held their mid- year meeting via webinar in late-August with participation of association executive staff.  

Consistent with their purpose to increase the profile of the industry worldwide and benefit their individual membership, pertinent matters within their associations were shared and timely issues impacting members were addressed.

Differences exist within the industry of each country due to their specific economic and social environment. This year many countries are experiencing changes in government administrations, with unknown legislative or regulatory futures ahead. Each individual spoke to the performance of their rental industry within the global economy.

Time was spent discussing approaches to industry standards and best practices for both rental businesses, and with manufacturers. Workplace labor issues and member engagement programs were highlighted. Membership engagement is central to the associations; each is striving to include young professionals in leadership initiatives.

As an aspect of the GRA program for young professionals, it was mentioned that this fall an Australian rental representative will travel to the United States to participate in the GRA International Business Leadership Program administered by the ARA Foundation. This job shadow program continues to build awareness of the importance of equipment rental worldwide and the value of networking on a global level. A U.S. representative traveled to Australia in the late spring for a similar opportunity.

Representatives identified topics for further roundtable discussion at their 15 th annual meeting to be held March 2, 2017 at The Rental Show in Orlando. A report was received regarding interest from an additional country to join the Global Rental Alliance; and they will be in attendance in Orlando.

The countries shared information regarding their annual conferences, focusing on education/training, featuring of equipment and networking events. Further information regarding the purpose and activities of the Global Rental Alliance and the International Rental Business Leadership Program is available at

Photo: L to R. Roger Vajgrt, president, American Rental Association; Tim Ranson, president, Canadian Rental Association; Terry Turner, chairman of the board, ARA; Christine Wehrman, CEO, ARA; Michel Petitjean, secretary general, European Rental Association; James Oxenham, CEO, Hire & Rental Industry Association, Australia; Nathalie McGregor, managing director, Canadian Rental Association; Peter Lancken, rep HRIA; Hank McInnis, v.p., CRA; Greg Ward, director, Hire Industry Association of New Zealand.