Senate Blocks Funding Bill Over Flint Water Crisis

September 27, 2016

The reports Senate Democrats blocked the short-term funding bill that would carry the government through to December 9 because no financial aid for Flint, Michigan was included in the legislation.

Senators voted 45-55 on the Republican resolution. Thirteen Republicans also voted against the leadership-backed proposal.

The spending bill already includes emergency money for victim of floods in Louisiana, West Virginia and Maryland.

The stalemate over Flint comes after the Senate version of WRDA passed earlier this month included $220 million to address water infrastructure improvements in Flint. But the House measure does not have Flint aid provisions, meaning the two chambers would have to resolve the issue in conference committee negotiations after the election.  

Read more here and view the video in which Michigan Representative Dan Kildee says race is a factor in the Flint debate.