Selling, Buying Up at The Rental Show

February 8, 2012

For attendees and exhibitors alike, The Rental Show 2012 in New Orleans has exceeded expectations with a wide variety of popular educational opportunities and a trade show floor with a buzz among buyers and sellers not seen in years.

“This show is real upbeat. The vendors are busy writing invoices. Exhibitors have stepped up their game with great looking booths. Attendees are positive. Everyone is networking like crazy and many of the seminars I attended were full. Everyone is on their ‘A’ game,” said Ted Cook, Ventura Rental Center, Ventura, Calif., and American Rental Association (ARA) president.

“The show has been great. There’s a lot of good traffic on the exhibit floor,” said Paul Phelon, Timp Rental, Orem, Utah. “I’ve talked to several exhibitors and their sales are up. A lot of people are selling and buying. I’m doing a lot of buying. People are excited and that’s what it’s all about.”

The same refrain was heard from many exhibitors in all areas of the exhibit hall: Good traffic, lots of qualified leads and plenty of sales.

“This has been great. We’ve been making some sales. We have some really good leads coming up and several people on the first day said they would see me before they leave, so I’m thinking they will come back and make a purchase. I’m really pleased. This year is really good,” said Brent Gent, owner, SiBore Drill, Navarre, Ohio.

"We're very happy with the traffic and people are buying," said David Abdoo, owner, Event Merchandise Source, South Burlington, Vt. "I love New Orleans. It's a great place for the show."

Scott Imman, sales, Bobcat, West Fargo, N.D., said they were "very, very, very busy. There's a lot of enthusiasm compared to the last few shows."

Source: American Rental Assn.